About Us

This is Shoo The Mosquito

He is a loveable little fellow, isn't he? I know he is not a real mosquito but we had trouble finding a real mosquito that wanted to be our mascot

Shoo The Mosquito

Shoo is the mascot for "Shoo the Mosquito" and the #MosquitoAwareness campaign, he hopes to provide some light-hearted - but seriously useful - information on what you can do to stay protected. After all, prevention is far better than cure, especially when it comes to mosquito-borne disease.

What A Shame Real Mosquitoes Are Not As Loveable As Shoo!

Shoo the Mosquito is here to help educate and protect you from mosquitoes and the diseases that they may carry including

Zika Virus

For more mosquito awareness buzz, Zika news, and helpful tips, check out Shoo's Blog: Who's Shoo?

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