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Mosquito Repellent Plug-ins, Bug Zappers and Swatters

Finding the best mosquito repellent should not be limited to just sprays and bracelets. There are a number of other effective devices available to buy that may better suit for needs. We have a range of indoor mosquito repellents, such as plugins and bug zappers, the humble fly swat and more unique mosquito devices that are highly effective.

Shoo recommends one such product, the Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliance. It's a portable device - great for the patio, balcony or a campsite - that works by burning butane to gently evaporate its active ingredient, Allethrin. Thermacell offer this repellent in a range of funtional products, including lanterns.

Unlike even some of the best mosquito repellents, mosquito traps, swatters and bug zappers are a very effective way of dealing with the more serious risk of mosquito infestations. These products and devices will actively eliminate mosquitoes and insects, ensuring they are not alive and able to bite you. These mosquito protection and bite prevention appliances are suitable for installation at home, in the yard, garden or balcony. You could even buy a tennis racket style bug zapper and get the kids involved!